The forefront insole for the modern safety footwear that have to be resistant to the accidental puncture from nails or sharp objects, without giving up to the comfort. 

  • Anti-perforation, safer than metal
  • Comfortable: flexible and lightweight
  • Covers and protects 100% of the foot  sole
  • Being soft and extremely flexible it helps improving adherence of the footwear to the  soil, reducing the risk of accidental slippage.
  • Thermal insulating: provides a barrier against heat and cold
  • Breathable, absorbs perspiration, easy drying
  • Undetectable by metal locator
  • Endurance and inalterability: resistant and inalterable to most common substances, fluids and chemical agents that can get in touch with in a working environment.
  • Can be sawn directly onto the upper of a protective footwear by Strobel technique, considerably reducing production costs of the shoe making process.