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SUPERSAFE® is a trademark owned by Hong Kong Super Development Ltd. It pertains to a range of textiles for personal and accident protection. They are used as components of body protectors.

Now we introduce you our new SUPERSAFE® anti-perforation textile material, expressly developed to be used as nail proof insole for safety footwear.

This material solves the problem of the old uncomfortable metal insert, that makes safety shoes so hard, stiff and heavy!

Infact, since SUPERSAFE® Nail Proof Insole is made of fabrics, it is much more flexible, softer and lighter than a traditional steel insole. The perforation resistance is higher too. As a result both comfort and safety are improved. 
Morover it can be sawn directly onto the upper of a protective footwear by Strobel technique, reducing considerably production costs of the shoe making process.

SUPERSAFE® Nail Proof Insole is designed and manufactured in accordance with the prevailing regulations in force on the prevention of accidents and is certified in compliance with actual norms.

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